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When I first read Natalie Sisson’s Day 6 challenge to ‘Find 1 or 2 people who are living the kind of life you want to live, and whose tribe you’d love to be part of’, I visualized having a dinner party.

At this dinner party conversations are flowing around topics like intuition, expanding consciousness, playing the game of life as infinite beings and changing reality with a click of your fingers.

My gratitude reaches across to a handful of people I have enjoyed stimulating, mind altering conversations with in recent times. So they are at this very special dinner party. They are Laura & Andy, Angelito, Gav & Jill, Kat and of course my incredible mirror reflection, Nat.

A few of them know of each other already and I am enjoying watching the new connections of those who haven’t yet met.

Laura, who recently introduced me to the work of Steve Chandler, has just informed us that Steve will be showing up after dinner.  I am thrilled that she asked him to join us. Having seen her transform so much of her beliefs around money through his Prosperity Coaching, I am am intrigued by him and so happy that he will be in my space for a short while as I have a couple of questions for him like…

“How can I stop the habit of self sabotaging, a habit that is keeping me playing small, as if I’m too scared to play big?”

Nat interrupts my pondering of this question, which is strangely now being asked of myself – because who is Steve Chandler anyway, other than a creation of wise words I’ve brought into my reality?  But it’s a worthy interrupt…

James Altucher has emailed us to say he can get on Skype for an hour from the yoga retreat he and his wife are at.  He is sorry he can’t make the dinner party in person but hopes that by joining us virtually he can take part in the sharing of ideas and concepts of minimalist living to free up creative energy.

My question for James is “As you have identified that you are not great with follow through & follow up, what advice do you have to help stop me from jumping from this to that without fully finishing what I start?”

I know that again, I could answer this question myself if I take the time to listen for the intuitive guidance but hearing it from James with his New York accent, crazy hair and pure open transparent communication would just make it oh so much better 🙂  I want to soak up his energy, even if just via skype, and take on more of how he is showing up in the world, a world where he no longer is worried or concerned about what others think of him and his ideas and how he develops them into failures or the greatest thing since sliced bread!

Special mention to Beck Power for reminding me to connect with James in the first place.  Her interview with him for her Idea Summit was so natural and endearing I can clearly see myself in both of this wonderful human beings.

Oh and Heidi, if this is a way for me to create meeting you, my selfish kicks in to want to sample your love filled cooking – would you be up for catering?  xx 🙂

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 6

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  1. What a great dinner party. The beautiful thing about meeting like minded aware people face to face over great food and drink is the atmosphere and connection generated. I find it’s the earthly experience of being one with others. Especially after a few wines 😉

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